When we heard that Donovan McNabb wasn't at the scheduled Minnesota Vikings practice today, we figured he was either somewhere in the locker room eating Chunky soup or at a desk writing a blog about how much he hates Terrell Owens. We were wrong. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Vikings are complying with McNabb's request to be released from the 2-9 team that sits at the bottom of the NFC North. Who can blame him? Once the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles, McNabb took a shot to his ego for the second straight year when he was benched for rookie Christian Ponder in Week 6. He still feels he's got plenty of football left.

Among those interested in the aging QB are the Dallas Cowboys with the 21st waiver and the Chicago Bears with the 24th. We're going to leave the Texans out of this, considering they picked up Jake Delhomme on Tuesday. The Bears technically need McNabb more after losing Jay Cutler for the season, but the Cowboys might be interested in blocking any NFC team from potentially improving. Whether or not McNabb, who only threw for 1,026 yards and four touchdowns in six games this season, would be a significant improvement over Caleb Hanie is up for debate.  All we know is that he can't' be worse than these guys. 

[via ESPN]