20. Larry Bird's Mullet

Lifespan: 1986
Reminds Us Of: Michael Bolton

As a card carrying Knicks fan, Spike Lee made his distaste for Larry Bird known at every given opportunity. Now could his animosity have stemmed from more than that? Knowing Spike, there's no way to tell, but it sure was funny. In his 1986 breakout film, She's Gotta Have It, our old friend Mars Blackmon finds himself in an argument with one of his crush's suitors about Bird. “The white boy's bad and you've gotta give him credit. Larry Bird is the best player in the NBA.” A shocked Mars can only respond, “The best?! He's the ugliest motherfucker in the NBA!” We're not sure if Larry took exception to that, but looking at that golden mullet, he sure as hell didn't do much to fight it.