Sports Figure(s) Referenced: Marv Albert and Howard Cossell
Lyric: "Last night ain't go so well, got kicked up out the hotel/Got a little freaky like Marvin Albert, "Yes!" tell Howard Cosell" (Kanye West)
It's one thing to talk about athletes of the past and present but what about the sports legends behind the mic? Yeezy gave two of the greatest play-by-play commentators of all time some love with this cut from Watch The Throne. But it wasn't just some name drop that got this line a spot on the list, it was the witty context and delivery that could only come from Mr. West. Back in '97, Marv Albert was charged with sexual assault on a woman at a hotel. Graphic testimony during the trial revealed that he had a penchant for everything from biting to wearing women's underwear. Sounds more than "a little freaky" to us, Ye.