Sports Figure Referenced: Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb
Lyric: "On my way to the dealer's, tryna re-up/Call me Brett Favre, spell it F-A-V-R-E. Yup/It's wrong, in other words I just fucked my RV up!/Bitch, it's on again, yeah, break that klonopin in half/While I smoke some chronic in the cab with Donovan McNabb" (Eminem)
Like Em, Brett Favre battled an addiction to pills during his career. Unlike Em, we're all to glad that the QB retired and seems like (emphasis on "seems like") he'll stay retired. That coupled with the common misspelling of Brett's last name tied into RVs is what makes this line of the best of the year. Sidebar: Maybe some chronic is what squeaky-clean Donovan needs to revive his career.