48. Tom Cable Breaks Jaw of Raiders' Assistant

Date: 8/5/2009
Key Players: Tom Cable, Randy Hanson
Video Evidence: Click Here.

Never a dull moment in Oakland Raider-land. During a meeting in training camp prior to this season, Oakland assistant defensive coach Randy Hanson suffered a broken jaw and bruised face after either a) an inanimate object animated and attacked his head, or b) head coach Tom Cable viciously struck and threw him into furniture. In the end, the local DA decided not to press charges against Cable, but Hanson still got the last laugh: he remains on the Raiders payroll, but doesn't have to be on the sideline as Cable and co. continually take it on the chin this season from the rest of the NFL.

Cable's winning percentage with the Raiders: .333; Cable's winning percentage in his lone other head coaching gig, at the University of Idaho: .239