60. Ahn Jung Hwan Eliminates Italy from 2002 World Cup

Date: 6/18/2002
Key Players: Ahn Jung Hwan, Korea
Video Evidence: Click Here.

Scoring a goal for your country in the World Cup is always a noteworthy achievement, but Ahn's famous tally in Korea/Japan 2002 was particularly grand. Consider the circumstances: 1) It was an extra-time, sudden-death "golden goal" that eliminated then three-time champion Italy from the tournament; 2) It shocked the world by catapulting Korea into the WC quarterfinals; 3) It was scored in front of nearly 40,000 delirious fans from the co-host nation, instantly making Ahn a legend. In short, Ahn's glorious header essentially put South Korea on the footballing map.

Ironically, Ahn had been playing for Italian club Perugia when he knocked Italy out of the World Cup; the day after his goal, Perugia owner Luciano Gaucci spitefully cancelled Ahn's contract. Thus exiled, Ahn went on to play in Japan, France, Germany, and Korea, before moving to China, where he's currently a member of the Dalian Shide.