68. Rick Ankiel's NLCS Pitching Meltdown

Date: 10/5/2000
Key Players: Rick Ankiel
Video Evidence: Click Here.

Ankiel's journey from flame-throwing pitcher with the yips to slugging outfielder is one of the most inspiring of the decade -- so of course we're going to focus on his worst moment. After a stellar rookie season as a starting pitcher in 2000, Ankiel was tapped to pitch the first game of the National League Division Series, where he proceeded to tie a 100-plus year-old record by throwing five wild pitches in one inning. Ankiel suffered a complete meltdown as a pitcher (throwing 12 wild pitches during a four-inning stretch in Triple A in 2001), before slowly rebuilding his career as a position player (thank goodness for that, otherwise we'd feel reallymean for highlighting this).

Ankiel's 9.98 strikeouts per nine innings in 2000 were second only to Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson.