72. Marc Ecko's Public Vote on the Fate of Bonds' HR Record Ball

Date: 9/26/2007
Key Players: Marc Ecko, Barry Bonds
Video Evidence: Click Here.

When Marc Ecko bought Bonds's record setting 756th home run ball at auction and set up a website to let the public decide if it would be sent to Cooperstown with an asterisk, sent to Cooperstown unblemished, or launched into space, reactions were mixed. Barry called the idea "stupid," but certain people we know said, "Gee boss, that's brilliant!" In the end, the ball ended up in Cooperstown with an asterisk, and for the record, we still think it's a brilliant idea.

After the ball was branded with an asterisk, Bonds stated that he would not attend his induction ceremony at the Hall of Fame should he be elected. Of course, given the vote totals for fellow alleged juicer Mark McGwire, Barry probably won't have to worry about following through with his threat.