86. Sports Trend of the Aughts: The Use of Props in TD Celebrations

Date: Various
Key Players: Joe Horn, New Orleans Saints; Terrell Owens, San Francisco 49ers; Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals
Video Evidence: Click Here.

When a simple dance couldn't express the magnificence of his touchdown catches, Joe Horn planted a cell phone to call his mom and tell her he'd scored; Terrell Owens stuck a Sharpie in his sock to sign the ball with; and Chad Ochocinco made a sign begging the NFL not to fine him for celebrating. We wonder what props these guys might use if they ever scored in the Super Bowl—although we also wonder what would happen if Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe serviced us at the same time, and that shit ain't gonna happen either.

For these stunts, the NFL fined Horn $30,000, Ochocinco $10,000, and T.O. not a damn cent.

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