87. Carmelo Chokes Sasha

Date: 11/30/2007
Key Players: Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets and Sasha Vujacic, Los Angeles Lakers
Video Evidence: Click Here.

When you grow up in the gritty streets of Baltimore and your favorite show is The Wire, it's assumed you really don't take shit from anyone. After the Lakers were blowing out the Nuggets, Melo expressed his frustration by choking Laker Sasha Vujacic and thus being ejected from the game. You can't see it clearly from the clip, but we think with all the gagging Vujacic was doing, he might have been over-selling the choke.

Melo's wifey La La Vasquez is no stranger to getting kicked out of basketball games either. During the 2008 playoffs, Vasquez was ejected from the Denver/Dallas game in Texas for getting into it with fans, who she said were slinging racial slurs.