91. Sports Trend of the Aughts: Nut Grabs

Date: Various
Key Players: Aveion Cason, Detroit Lions; Frank Walker, Green Bay Packers; Chris Kaman, Los Angeles Clippers; Reggie Evans Denver Nuggets; El-Hadji-Diouf, Bolton Wanderers; Paddy Kenny, Sheffield United
Video Evidence: Click Here.

By now we all know that athletes will do just about anything to get ahead ('roids, Spygate, etc.) but squeezing another man's balls is a new low. Get it? 'Cause it's a despicable low blow and may also signify that one lives the "down low" lifestyle"? You don't even get a foul for that—you get an AYO!

Self-defense classes teach that a prolonged squeeze of the testicles can cause an attacker to black out.