3. Which team will land Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard's love-hate relationship with the Orlando Magic is already getting sickening. One day it seems like he's ready to be their franchise player, then the next he can't get out soon enough. By March 15 we'll finally know whether he'll at least stick with Orlando for the duration of the season or if the Magic will be able to get something for the All-Star center who many think will bolt in the offseason anyway.

Staff Predictions:

"Nets. They want him too bad, they'll give the franchise up for him. Plus, Don Stern won't allow him to go to the Lakers, he needs to take care of his other CYO team on the East Coast. We went through a lockout, so the four teams in the league's biggest markets can have seven stars." —Angel Diaz

"The Lakers. But at this point, is that the L.A. team Dwight really wants to be with?" —Jose Martinez

"Dwight will end up with the Lake Show. After Brook Lopez screwed New Jersey over by breaking his foot, L.A. seems like the next most likely destination. It'll be like the second coming of Shaq. Unfortunately, this time there will be fewer championships and no epic "Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes" freestyle after he leaves." —Ralph Warner

"Either the Marlins or Angels. Duh." —Jack Erwin

"The Bulls. I find it impossible that Dwight doesn't realize at some point that being with Derrick Rose is the best opportunity to win. Chicago has been in the running for big trades in the past, but with all the talent they have on the team, this is their best chance to actually pull the trigger. They have the most to offer to Orlando, and a big market for Dwight to star in is exactly what he needs." —Tony Markovich