5. How will the Angels and Marlins do with their new acquisitions?

Red Sox and Yankees? Nah, Angels and Marlins, son! These are the two teams who've made a splash thus far this offseason. The Miami Marlins signed Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle, and Jose Reyes to attract some star power and put butts in the seats of their new stadium. On the West Coast, the Angels landed two of the biggest free agents on the same day! Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. Huge deals for both organizations but big money spent doesn't always equal success. Word to the teams who signed these dudes.

Staff Predictions:

"They'll both win a World Series within the next five years. The Angels are always in the mix, more so with the best hitter in the game and the Marlins load up for a couple of years and make their run. Hanley and Jose, if healthy, are going to run wild in South Beach." —Angel Diaz

"During the first-half of last season, Pujols looked over-the-hill. At some point, Reyes will get injured and miss a substantial amount of time. So, the better question is how will both teams fare with their C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle acquisitions? Wait, who?!" —Jose Martinez

"The Angels will once again take over the A.L. West and become a title contender. It'll be the Marlins that make a real impact, though. Ricky Rozay will take partial ownership in Miami's newest team, he'll sign Jose Reyes to Maybach Music Group and lead the team to the World Series. Championship rings and seafood platters for everyone! Ughn!" —Ralph Warner

"Awesome! Um, what sport are we talking about here?" —Jack Erwin

"The Marlins are actually going to be demoted to Triple-A once the MLB realizes even ugly new uniforms, an altered name and a new stadium can't draw fans. Albert Pujols on the Angels, though? With that pitching staff? Teams better start hiding." —Tony Markovich