6. Will the Colts pick Andrew Luck?

A year ago this question seemed ridiculous. Peyton Manning was the heart of the franchise and would be there to keep the team in championship contention for years to come. Then his neck injury became career-threatening and sidelined the star QB for the entire 2011 season. Now at 2-13, the Colts are tied for the worst record in the league and have a good chance at landing the No. 1 pick in the 2012 Draft. If they do land the top pick, will they select Andrew Luck as a sense of security for the future or use the pick on another position to reassure Peyton of their loyalty?

Staff Predictions:

"They should, but they won't. Peyton isn't done yet, but Indy should consider having a Montana/Young situation. There needs to be an heir to the throne. The Colts will probably go with Trent Richardson or Tyrann Mathieu." —Angel Diaz

"With the Colts nearly finished with the creation of their new, cyborg-like Peyton Manning science experiment, there will be no need to draft Luck as their QB of the future." —Jose Martinez

"Does Peyton's injury in some weird way remind me of Khia's freaky yet repulsive classic? Yes. Yes it does. What was the question again?" —Ralph Warner

"Trick question! The Redskins select Andrew Luck after trading the Rams the last four digits to Dan Snyder's Social Security number and patent rights to John Boehner's White Boy Tanning Solution for the No. 1 pick in the draft." —Jack Erwin

"They pretty much have to. I don't think Peyton is done by any means, but an organization can't pass up this type of player whether it is an insurance policy or for immediate use. Luck should be happy Manning probably won't mentor him. Didn't he see the path Aaron Rodgers has taken?" —Tony Markovich