7. Will Tiger win a major?

At the end of '09, Tiger's squeaky-clean public image went down the drain and it seems like his golf game went right along with it. Since then, he's changed his caddie and swing in an effort to get back at the top of his game. His last win at a major came at the 2008 U.S. Open but one glimmer of hope for the future came when Tiger won the Chevron World Challenge breaking his streak of 107 winless weeks. He's only four majors away from Jack Nicklaus' record but that mark has been more elusive than ever in recent years.

Staff Predictions:

"This is the year when he starts banging hot broads and gets his game back. The universe is funny that way." —Angel Diaz

"Unless he starts getting back into his old pre-game rituals, Tiger will have to settle with getting minors. Oh, that sounded wrong." —Jose Martinez

"Of course. Forget the caddie and swing changes, once dude gets his stroke game (Ayo!) back on point then everything on the greens will fall back into place." —Ralph Warner

"Yes. All of them. After winning the Masters by 30 strokes and getting the mercy rule invoked after leading the U.S. and British Opens by 50 going into the final round, Tiger is only 5 strokes up at the PGA when Phil Mickelson, Elin Nordegren, and that racist fuck from the Masters [editor's note: that racist fuck is Hootie Johnson] send 15 hookers to his hotel room the night before the final round to try to throw him off his game. It doesn't work. Tiger gets up and down on all 15, plays the final round left-handed, and hits the winning putt using a pool cue. He then moves into the Playboy Mansion and the phrase "Tiger Back" becomes 2011's #winning." —Jack Erwin

"Absolutely not. It's absurd that people automatically claimed that "he's back" after winning just a single tournament. Analysts jumping on his stick can't replace hookers. It just doesn't work that way." —Tony Markovich