8. Will Michael Phelps and Team USA dominate the Olympics in London?

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Team USA won the overall medal count with 110 total and came in second in the gold medal count with 36, finishing behind China who won 51. Though China won more gold, team USA got the most shine because of one man/beast known as Michael Phelps. He set an Olympic record winning eight gold medals and brought his personal total medal count to 16. Phelps will be 27 by the time the London Games roll around and needs just three more medals to pass Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina for most medals held by an Olympic athlete.

Staff Predictions:

"Who cares? Where the weed at?" —Angel Diaz

"I would never bet against Michael Phelps...but I would also never bet against Phelps' desire to visit Amsterdam during his downtime." —Jose Martinez

"Yup, as long as that hydo is on deck. Forget covering a Wheaties box, after this, dude will become the official spokesperson for 7-Eleven and an example for every munchy-craving stoner to look up to." —Ralph Warner

"Of course. If Phelps could do as well as he did in '08 with sticky lungs, imagine what he can accomplish with the recent advances in vaporizer technology." —Jack Erwin

"Team USA has too much talent not to be considered the favorites, but don't expect Phelps to be a lock in his events. Now that he has legitimate competition with people like Ryan Lochte, we'll see whether Phelps gets frustrated or more motivated." —Tony Markovich