10. Which athlete will have a sex scandal this year?

Ben Roethlisberger, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre. It seems like every year a star athlete has their thirst exposed for the public to see. With all the money-hungry groupies out there and social networks like Twitter making it easier than ever to access ballers, we're figuring 2012 will bring even more athlete sex scandals. Everyone knows Gatorade isn't enough, fam.

Staff Predictions:

"Kris Humphries. He needs his balls back." —Angel Diaz

"Alex Rodriguez. After years of dating women far too muscular, A-Rod will get caught with a female bodybuilder named Pat who turns out to actually be a man. But with all the non-stop SportsCenter coverage and New York newspapers running puns in their headlines ad nauseum, we will just hope and pray that they leave the guy alone." —Jose Martinez

"Jimmer Fredette. Dude will make up for all those missed opportunites in college by scoring deep on the reg in Sac-Town. No three-pointers, fam." —Ralph Warner

"Shane Battier. Chris Bosh convinces the Heat's new guy to grow out his hair, and the former Dukie instantly stakes a claim to the team's third worst hairstyle (after CB4 and LBJ). Freed of his skin rows and drunk off the fame of being the Billy Preston in the Heatles, Shane kicks game to every transvestite on Collins Avenue, to great success and many a tabloid headline." —Jack Erwin

"Ricky Rubio. For one, he's from Europe, where crazy sexual things like introducing monkeys into foreplay is acceptable. He's also young, most likely enjoys consuming alcohol, and has Justin Beiber-like locks. Sounds like a recipe for a three-way with David Stern's grandchildren." —Tony Markovich