2. Will the Packers repeat?

Up until two weeks ago this didn't even seem like a legitimate question. Actually, that loss to the Chiefs may have just made this team even stronger. Although Aaron Rodgers seems like he may lose the MVP award to Drew Brees, the Packers offense still has the highest points per game average in the league at 34.2. But their defense ranks 13th in the league giving up 21.2 points per game. They've already locked up home field advantage throughout, only time will tell whether they'll become the ninth team in NFL history to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Staff Predictions:

"Yes. They sort of surprised people by how well they played last year. These days Green Bay is still the best team record wise and still have that same defense (even though they haven't showed it yet) that dominated in 2010. I know everyone's riding the Drew Brees wave, but the Packers just have the best team top to bottom." —Angel Diaz

"No way. Last year, the Packers road to the Super Bowl was an easy one. With the combination of having the target on their backs and better comp from the rest of the NFC, Green Bay will not be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February." —Jose Martinez

"Yup. Being the defending champs, this team has had a target on their back all season but that hasn't had any effect on their dominance. With the pressure of potential perfect season out of the way, Aaron Rodgers & Co. can put all their focus on winning that second ring. Expect more Discount Double Check ads and snide remarks from hating-ass Brett Favre in 2012." —Ralph Warner

"Nope. Drew Brees and the Saints carve up the Packers D like a very hot, very sharp knife through Jell-O in the NFC Championship game. Seriously." —Jack Erwin

"Had they gone 16-0, I would say definitely not. Now that the huge load has been lifted, I really don't see any team that can stop these guys. Covering the NFC North beat this year, I've maintained that this defense isn't nearly as good as last year. However, with Greg Jennings coming back in a couple weeks, there are just way too many weapons for that to even matter." —Tony Markovich