Off the bat, this idea sounds amazing. But let's take a look at the fine print for a second. Spanish soccer club, Sevilla FC, is offering its fans the chance to have their face on the team's jersey...for a small fee, of course. How much you ask? Try €24.90, or $33.35, for each mug on their kit. In addition, your picture will be so small that no one would even be able to see your face. Sounds great, right?  

On the business end, some suckers fans will go along with this ploy and pay up and Sevilla will reap the benefits. For each single-digit jersey, there can be around 3,142 faces, which will make each jersey worth as much as $200,000. Now, you may be saying to yourself that this is crazy but you know that if your favorite NFL team were to do the same thing, you would drop that cash in a heartbeat. Although we do know the perils of faces on unifoms, right?

[via Off The Bench]

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