It's been nearly five years since John Amaechi released his book, Man in the Middle, and became the first former NBA player to come out and admit that he is gay. Yet, since then, no current players have followed in his footsteps and done the same. But Mark Cuban seems to think that's going to change soon—and he even seems to think that he, of all people, knows exactly when it's going to happen.

During an interview with TMZ Live on Friday, Cuban was asked about the fact that the NBA is yet to have a female head coach in the league. He then made the point that, in his opinion, the NBA will see an openly gay player before they see a female head coach. When will that be, though? Well, in Cuban's opinion, the first openly gay player will hit the NBA in approximately "three to five years."

"I think it will be more of a media sensation when someone comes out," Cuban said, "than it will be a player issue."

Is there anything this guy doesn't have an opinion on? Listen, we respect Cuban for touching a topic that not many owners would touch. And we're sure this story will generate some much-needed conversation about gay athletes in sports. But, yo: How the hell does Cubes have any idea when the first gay NBA player will come out? The short answer: He doesn't. So, why is he even bothering to speculate about it?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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