Did you think Stevie Johnson's touchdown dance on Sunday afternoon mocking Plaxico Burress and his infamous shooting incident was funny? If not, then you're really not gonna think this is funny. During a flag football game last night featuring LeBron James and Kevin Durant, King James picked off a pass and returned it for a touchdown. And after high-stepping his way into the end zone, he just couldn't leave well enough alone. Instead, he decided to recreate Johnson's touchdown celebration mocking Plax—the same one that just cost Johnson $10,000—all while the game was being broadcast to fans all over the world over the Internet. Classy, LeBron! Reeeeeeeal classy.

Is there anyway David Stern can call NFL Commish Roger Goodell and get him to fine LBJ for this? Make it happen, Stern!

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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