LeBron James took the Heat's loss to the Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals hard. With the entire world taking shots at King James, he even calls that particular period one of the lowest points of his life.

"You definitely didn't want to be around me the first couple of weeks after the Finals," LBJ told Dan LeBatard on his radio show earlier this week. "I kinda sheltered myself and covered myself away from everybody and it just gave me time to just sit back and think about ways I could become a better person, better man, and better basketball player. I was devastated. I've had a few low points in my life and that was definitely one of them."

According to James, he didn't get much sleep after the loss, either. "I didn't," he said. "It took me about two or three weeks before I started to relax and started to move on just a little bit."

Who says professional athletes—and, more specifically, superstars like LeBron—don't care enough? We get on him a lot (II) around these parts, but it's good to hear that winning means this much to him.

[via Off The Bench]

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