Kobe Bryant is not happy about Lamar Odom getting shipped to the Mavericks over the weekend for a six-pack of Bud Light, two bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, and a couple loosies (okay, okay, so they actually got, like, a draft pick and a trade exception or something ridiculous out of the deal, but we digress...). Let us repeat that: Kobe. Bryant. Is. NOT. Happy. About. Lamar. Odom. Getting. Shipped. To. The. Mavericks. Over. The. Weekend. And, at the end of the third day of Lakers training camp on Sunday, he let the world know it.

"I don't like it," he told a group of reporters. "I've known Lamar for a long time, and for the team itself, he's meant a lot in terms of his versatility, his personality. He's a big presence for us in the locker room, just from a team chemistry standpoint. He's great at bringing guys together and things of that nature."

But that wasn't the most telling statement Kobe made concerning the Odom trade. He saved that for midway through his session. After talking about the trade for a few minutes, KB24 started to lose his cool.

"Now I'm getting pissed off," he said. "The identity of our team will have to change in terms of how we go about doing things. You have to search for it and find what that is."

Hmmm...Could that new identity be "a team with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard on it"? Only time will tell. But if the Lakers ship Odom out and don't get someone to take his place soon, we have absolutely, positively no idea what the hell they were thinking. And we don't blame Kobe one bit for being pissed off about it.

[via ESPN]

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