Just three games into the 2011-12 NBA season, Kobe Bryant looks like a new player on the court. Part of that is because the Lakers didn't go very far in the NBA Playoffs last year. And that coupled with the NBA lockout gave KB24 plenty of time to rest in the offseason. But he also credits a group of doctors in Germany with helping to treat his ailing knee and ankle in the offseason through the use of an experimental knee therapy called Orthokine. It involves removing blood from a patient's arm, spinning it in a centrifuge, and then injecting it into an injured area of the body to promote healing. And it appears to be working on Kobe.

Kobe isn't keeping his love for Orthokine a secret, though. Recently, he convinced Yankess star Alex Rodriguez to undergo the therapy, too. Last summer, A-Rod's right knee gave him problems that affected his performance for the rest of the year. So he's hoping that Orthokine can help heal his bum knee and put him back into the good graces of New York sports fans.

Is this really the answer to chronic knee and ankle problems for athletes—or is it just a short-term solution for athletes unwilling to accept that they're aging? Probably a little of both. We'll just have to wait and see...

[via New York Post]

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