AT&T Cotton Bowl: Kansas State (10-2) vs. Arkansas (10-2)

Arlington, Texas

Jan. 6, 8 ET

"I would say Kansas St. and Arkansas is an interesting game to me. It’s bizarre when the game is being played. I just think K-State is a BCS-worthy team at 10-2. They have a QB that is the Tim Tebow of college football. They just don’t have a ton of weapons around him, and he kind of just has to will his team to victories. Their whole goal is to hang around for three quarters and find a way to win. That kid typically has blood coming off his arms and just carried this team to a 10-2 record. His ribs were sore and he just would not give up, even though he was beat up. With Bill Snyder coming back to coach this team after all the work he did is just a great story. I think he’s the national coach of the year. They are going up against a national SEC power whose two losses were to the two title teams. That game is very intriguing to me."

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