Capital One Bowl: Nebraska (9-3) vs. South Carolina (10-2)

Orlando, Florida

Jan. 2, 1 ET

"One thing about bowl games for me is that big time programs might rank higher, but I love the regional match ups. The bragging rights are on the line. Whoever is playing, I look forward to seeing who can compete. With Nebraska joining the Big 10, it’s another Big 10-SEC match up. The other thing about these level bowl games is that it allows them to build a ton of momentum going into the offseason. Fans underestimate this. With the Capital One Bowl, the average fan might think whoopty do. But if you are a team member, you win that game and you see how much momentum that gives people going into winter conditioning, recruiting, and spring football. That all carries over. Fans that are watching these bowl games have to keep that in mind. There is a lot on the line for both of those teams. Both have the chance to gain a lot of momentum.

Nebraska loves to run the ball and they are going against a very athletic South Carolina defense. With Bo Pelini, I think they’re scratching the surface of what they can do. They could use a win like this to help them. You basically have 4 weeks left to finish off a recruiting class. There’s no question about the excitement that it can generate by winning a game like this, and both teams have a lot of players coming back next year."

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