Honda just doesn't get it anymore. In their glory days they made cars like the CR-X, the S2000, and the NSX. Today the NSX successor looks entirely unpromising, the CR-Z is nothing but a cynical attempt to cash in on the CR-X nameplate, and the closest thing to an S2000 replacement is this little electric roadster. Even if it's actually quick and fun to drive, it's still electric which means that the range will limit it to being a second car only and it will have a huge battery that is enormously difficult to manufacture, is thus responsible for tons of carbon emissions, and weighs a ton.

Here's out tip to Honda. Take the lightweight Fit, flare those fenders and widen the footprint, shorten the car a tad, move the roof down a couple of inches, remove two doors and give it a shooting brake bodystyle, and turbo-charge the engine. A little Scirocco competitor with a efficient but powerful engine that weighs even less than a Fit would be brilliant and wouldn't even require a new platform.

[via Autoblog]