The utter implosion of the Philadelphia Eagles is a subject high on everybody's list in the sports world. After Thursday night's game in which the Eagles lost 31-14 to the Seattle Seahawks, DeSean Jackson's motivation is now in question as well. 

The way the cameras and the NFL Network analysts saw the situation, Jackson looked uninterested in warmups as he hung around his defense rather than taking catches with fellow receivers. His routes during the game seemed lethargic, and a shot of him "ignoring" Vince Young on the sidelines has everybody believing that he is simply unfazed that the Eagles' season has gone down the drain. 

After the game when reporters attempted to ask Jackson about these instances, he tried shuffling the topic to the side, saying that his teammates knew what the situation was. When the reporters persistently continued to push for answers, he did what most people with a frustrating 4-8 record would do and defensively refused to answer any more questions.

Head coach Andy Reid made it clear that he did not see anything wrong with his player's drive. "You can take a camera and make it look any way you want to make it look," Reid said according to the Philadelphia Daily News. "I am telling you, that kid was all in last night and wanted to win that game as much as anybody." 

The media does a great job of blowing things out of proportion, so we've laid out what's happened. How you interpret Jackson's actions and comments is up to you. 

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