Jae Crowder 

Team: Marquette
Position: Forward
Year: Senior
PPG: 17.0
RPG: 6.6
Marquette was down one, Crowder swung around a low screen, popped up in the bottom right corner,  and drained a game-winning three-ball to keep the Golden Eagles undefeated. Moments after Washington missed their chance, teammates draped on his shoulders, Crowder gave the crowd a stare down as if to say, "Yeah, we're the real deal. We aren't goin' anywhere." Crowder might be a senior, but this is only his second year on Marquette. After leading Howard College to its first ever NJCAA title in '09-'10, he used his NJCAA Player of the Year award to transfer to D-I. Though many have attributed Marquette's success to simple toughness, Crowder and his teammate Johnson-Odom are undeniably two of the most talented players in the country. He's improved every aspect of his game, and can shoot over about anybody on the perimeter standing at 6'6".