According to Adrian Peterson, the left ankle sprain he suffered a couple weeks ago that held him out of the Vikings game last Sunday, is only about 85 percent healed. His Vikes are also an abysmal 2-11 right now. So we wouldn't really blame him for wanting to take an extra week off this Sunday to fully heal. Yet, AP plans on playing this weekend against the Saints. His reason: One that will definitely make him a hot commodity in fantasy football drafts next August.

"It's very important," AP said yesterday, "especially for my fantasy team owners."

But then he revealed exactly what some fantasy football owners have offered to him on Twitter in exchange for him playing on Sunday...and it all makes sense. Even though we're pretty sure he'd never take them up on their offer.

"They've been giving me a hard time," he said. "They'll say, 'Will you please [play]? I'll send my wife down to visit you.' Sometimes, it's like, wow. Some of the things I read on there is crazy."

Um, ya think? You FF players are seriously offering to send your wives to AP in exchange for a few extra fantasy points? We sincerely hope the payout for your league is, like, 100 grand. Otherwise, we hope you send your wives—and they never come back. 'Cause that's just wrong.

[via Star Tribune]

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