So much for all those struggling escort services! Although the Craiglist ad we're referring to has recently been flagged and removed, a Cleveland-based site found it earlier today. Apparently, someone in the city of Cleveland is attempting to hire a group of lovely ladies to attend a "Welcome Back" party for the NBA sometime in the very near future. In exchange for a night full of flirting, dancing, and god-knows-what-else, the women who agree to attend are being promised 200 bucks and an open bar. According to CleveScene, here's how the ad read before it got taken down:

"We are having a Welcome back party for the NBA. Several NBA Players...NFL and MLB players will be there. we are hosting this at a prestigious hotel in Cleveland. Must be 23 years to dance. all we need you to do is come to the party...look good and have fun. You must dance on the dance floor and just mingle with these athletes. Discretion is a must! You must sign a confidentiality waiver. pay is 200 dollars cash...Plus open bar and food. Party will be held on a monday night from 9-1. send pics...and why you would be great for this party and what turns u on about NBA Players."

That last line is classic. Well, who wants to sign up? David Stern and Billy Hunter must be thrilled that this is how all of their hard work is being celebrated. Now, bring on the $200 girls for some dirty dancing!

[via CleveScene]

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