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Blake Griffin is happy that the Clippers traded for Chris Paul. Very happy. So happy, in fact, that he got caught on camera by some FOX news cameras outside of the Staples Center yesterday giving teammate DeAndre Jordan a shoulder bump and yelling, "Are you serious? 'Bout to be Lob City!" after hearing about the deal.

Eventually, Griffin calmed down after remembering that the Clips had just given up three of his teammates to bring CP3 to town, including Eric Gordon who was reportedly visibly upset when he was told that he'd been traded to the Hornets during a publicity event for the Clippers. But after watching Griffin's spur of the moment reaction to the deal, it's hard not to get just as excited as he is right now about the Clippers.

LOB CITY, BABY! We're about to go and re-up our NBA League Pass subscriptions now...

[via Deadspin]

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