The worst kept secret has finally come true. Baron Davis is headed east to play with the Knicks. While nothing has been made official, is reporting that Davis has agreed to a 1-year deal worth $2.5 million to play in New York. Poised to add depth (and 30+ year olds players possibly passed their prime) to their backcourt, the Knickerbockers hope that Baron will serve as another point they can turn to aside from Toney Douglas and Mike Bibby.

However, a huge question mark remains unanswered. How much will they get out their newest acquisition? The former All-Star guard is expected to miss somewhere between 8-10 weeks with a back injury. So, did the front office make the correct choice? Or does this have all the makings of the typical signing of a big-name player who only crumbles under the bright lights of the Garden? Because we have all seen that before.    

[via ESPN]

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