It's no secret that Brandon Marshall has had his fair share of legal issues in the past. But this one right here? Well, this one takes the cake for being the most ridiculous incident thus far. In mid-November, Marshall caught a cab home after celebrating a teammate's birthday at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami. He reportedly had a miscommunication with his driver, though, who took him to Miami International Airport first before re-routing and taking Marshall to Fort Lauderdale Airport.

"He didn't know where he wanted to go," the driver told the South Florida Times earlier this week. "When I woke him up and told him he had to pay, he said he wasn't and started arguing for me to take him home."

After arguing for a few minutes, Marshall reportedly decided that he'd had enough and exited the cab at the second airport—without paying. He told the driver he was running into the airport for a few minutes. But the driver told police later that, when Marshall exited, he jumped into another cab and sped off without squaring away the $142 cab fare he still owed. As a result, the second driver took Marshall to a security checkpoint where he was briefly detained by police who took statements from both Marshall and the first driver. Although he denied any wrongdoing, Marshall eventually agreed to pay both cab fares and police considered the matter resolved.

Sounds like one hell of a night for Marshall. Oh well. At least he was trying to take a cab home instead of getting behind the wheel of a car, right? Otherwise, we might have a completely different story on our hands right now.

[via South Florida Times]