Question: Why the hell is Rolando McClain smiling in this photo of him getting arrested? We've seen our fair share of crazy athlete mugshots in the past, but we can honestly say that we've never seen a photo of an athlete like this.

When this picture was taken on Thursday afternoon, the Raiders linebacker was getting booked by police in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama after he allegedly pointed a gun at a man's head following a fight and then fired a single shot into the air. According to a statement made by the victim, an incident occurred between him and someone who was with McClain. After the fight ended, the victim was crawling back to his car when McClain approached him.

"He said that when he reached his car, Rolando McClain produced a pistol and aimed it at him," a police statement said. "He said that while he was still on the ground, McClain walked over to him and put the gun to his head."

The man also said that "he begged McClain not to shoot him and that McClain took the gun away from his head, held it next to his ear and fired it." And, to make matters even worse, McClain was reportedly in town for the week to attend his grandfather's funeral.

Yikes. Sounds like a bad situation all around. And that picture? Not a good luck, boss. Let's hope something got lost in translation here. Otherwise, it definitely looks like you have a looooooong road ahead of you—and a lot of questions to answer. Starting with the one we posed at the beginning of this post...

[via ESPN]

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