Karma exists! That message comes across loud and clear following a recent incident involving Sixers point guard Lou Williams. Apparently, Williams was walking down the street over the weekend when a man approached him and tried to rob him. However, the man didn't end up going through with his plan. The reason? The guy recognized Williams and remembered all the community service that he's done in the past to help out his neighborhood.

"Almost got robbed today," Williams tweeted shortly after the incident on Christmas Eve. "But homie said he recognized me and the good I've done for his hood so that made him change his mind...WOW." 

"WOW" is right. The fact that the guy recognized Williams and had the sense to remember all the community service he's done is pretty incredible. It also makes us think that more athletes should start getting a little more involved in their communities. It sure beats getting robbed, right?

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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