Does anyone actually like Nickelback? A month ago, a group of Detroit fans created a petition in an effort to prevent the Canadian rock band from performing during halftime of the annual Thanksgiving game. Now, the group has a new enemy: Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Peter Moylan.

On Friday, Moylan took a slight jab via Twitter saying "Note to @nickelback please attend a @foofighters concert. That's how's it should be done chad." Soon after, Nickelback responded with a mean counter by tweeting back "@PeterMoylan Foos are killer for sure. We're doing just fine too thanks. ? for you Pete, is watching Kimbrel better from the bench or on TV?" Ouch! For those of you that don't know, Craig Kimbrel is a fellow Braves pitcher who beat out Moylan for the full-time closer role. Damn guys, calling him out on his own shit and then referring to him as Pete? Nickelback won this one.    

[via Off The Bench]

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