With the Packers aiming to go undefeated and Tim Tebow mania sweeping the nation right now, the last thing the NFL needs is negative PR to ruin the good moment. And yet, that's exactly what they've got on their hands with the recent story revolving around Sam Hurd, who stands accused of trying to buy large amounts of cocaine and weed from an undercover agent on Wednesday in Chicago. But it sounds like things could get much worse very quickly for the NFL.

According to a law enforcement source who spoke with 670 The Score yesterday, Hurd wasn't just dealing drugs to regular Joes. He was also providing drugs to a list of NFL players "in the double-digits." That's right. As if this story wasn't unbelievable enough in and of itself, the Bears receiver wasn't just selling drugs on the streets in Chicago—he was also selling them to other guys within the league!

Damn, homie. You done effed up now. Let's just hope the NFL has already launched their own investigation into what happened and who else was involved with Hurd in regards to drugs. Because if they haven't, they could have a real crisis on their hands soon. And with all the good stuff that's happening in the league, that's the absolute last thing they need right now.

[via CBS Chicago]