Introducing Tee Shepard. He is a four-star cornerback from Fresno, California, and both USC and Notre Dame have been heavily recruiting the young star. According to Rivals, he is ranked No. 82 in the 2012 recruiting class. With two schools as prestigious as USC and Notre Dame competing for his commitment, he's in a situation that can't really go wrong. With that mindset, he's decided to leave his decision on where to go to college up to two pieces of paper in a hat. 

"I'm going to pull it out of a hat on game day," Shepard said. "Whatever I pull, that's going to be it. It's kind of crazy and then it's not, because both schools are good. There are no bad choices."

Although we're sure a video of the event will instantly be placed on YouTube, we're just happy he didn't try to organize a big television spectacle to announce his decision. 

[via Dr. Saturday]

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