The correct response here by LeBron James would have been "How the $^%& am I supposed to know?" Bron-Bron, of course, never attended college. And while he's been spotted sitting courtside at Ohio State and Kentucky games in the past, saying LeBron is an expert at judging college programs is like saying Kim Kardashian is an expert at judging future mates. It's ridiculous.

Yet, Class of 2013 high school basketball stud Chris Walker recently took to Twitter to ask LBJ where he should go to college. "I'm a top 5 player in the country in class of 2013," he tweeted to LeBron. "Where should I go to college Mr. James?"

LeBron didn't respond on Twitter. But when told about Walker's request by, he did have a few words of advice. "The advice I would give Chris Walker is to follow his heart and go where he believes he can help the program and they can give him a great education," he said. "Of course Ohio State and Kentucky are my two favorite programs for many reasons. They have great basketball programs, great coaches, players, and are two of the best colleges in America. But with that said, Chris, you will know where you want to go when the time comes. I'm looking forward to seeing you make the decision and take your talents to that program and shine."

Not more of that "take your talents" talk! Ah well. It'll be nice seeing this kid play at Kentucky now that LBJ's put it in his ear, huh? (all that OSU talk was just to keep the folks in Ohio happy...) Congrats, Coach Calipari!

[via ESPN]

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