David Price probably thought he'd have a pretty uneventful evening on Friday night. The plan was for him to attend a charity event for Rays manager Joe Maddon, pour a few drinks as a celebrity bartender, and then head home. Easy enough, right? Expect that's hardly how things turned out.

Apparently, the 2011 MLB All-Star pitcher failed to cut off at least one of the guys in attendance at the event. And he found that out the hard way when he walked out at the end of the night and found the guy taking a piss all over the side of his car. To make matters worse, Price tried to get the guy to stop. But your man was so wasted that he turned around, shoved Price, and tried to take a swing at him.

Fortunately, Price ducked, the guy missed, and a confrontation between the two was avoided. "I was relieved with how it turned out," Price told the Tampa Bay Times later.

And the next morning, the drunk guy was no doubt relieved that he hadn't relieved himself all over the car of a baseball player with a little less patience.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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