Did you really think Tebow-mania would end once Tom Brady and the Patriots dismantled Tim Tebow and the Broncos yesterday? HA! Good one. But you must be insane. Tebow-mania is here to stay, folks. And, in fact, Tebow-mania has gotten so crazy that now it's even spreading to the canines of the world.

Earlier this month, a drug-sniffing dog named—what else?—"Tebow" helped the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation nab a guy trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine through Orlando International Airport inside of a toy. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 20-year-old man initially denied that the toy was his after "Tebow" found it. But, he later admitted that he was being paid to take the bag to someone else. He now faces federal charges of selling or distributing a controlled substance.

Damn, can anyone stop Tebow right now? Er, outside of Brady and the Pats, of course...

[via USA Today]

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