Yooooooo! This is hilarious. Normally, we're not in the business of paragliding because, well, who really gives a flying fuck (get it?) about paragliding. But, recently, a Russian man was paragliding over the Indian Himalayas when a vulture had the nerve to fly into his parachute and force him to make an emergency landing in the woods. In the process, the vulture got tangled up in the chute and made his way down with the man. Upon landing, the guy flipped out, threatened to kill the vulture, radioed his boys back at the base to tell them what happened, cursed up a storm and...well, you'll just have to watch.

It's all in Russian, but there have been subtitles added to the video. So you'll be able to hear epic phrases like, "I have a fucking eagle stuck in my glider!" And, "It has a huge pecker. It may nip my fingers off!" And, our favorite, "You stupid fucking eagles! Flying around without any rules without fucking looking around!"

Yes, this is an 11-minute clip. Yes, we know you're busy. And, yes, that's a lot of time to commit to paragliding. But this is definitely worth a look and a couple dozen laughs. [via Off the Bench]