Listen, we're all for supporting your team. So if you want to throw on a jersey on game day or, hell, rock a Starter jacket to work a few days every week, we're not gonna stop you. But wearing your favorite team's gear...every single day?! That's where we draw the line.

Yet, that's exactly what a Colts fan named Thomas Trinkle has been doing every day for the last seven years. Sometimes, it's a shirt. Sometimes, it's a jersey. Sometimes, it's even a Colts-themed paper bag over his head to hide the shame of an 0-11 season. (Okay, okay, just kidding about that last one!) But everyday, he makes sure he has a piece of Colts gear on.

"I don't see it ending any time soon," he said of his streak.

In related news, Trinkle doesn't have a girlfriend. Er, wait, yes, he does. And she lets him dress like that? Lucky guy!

[via Courier-Journal]

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