Earlier in the week, we brought you the story of Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos who was kidnapped in his native country of Venezuela. Now we can report that Ramos has been rescued after disappearing three days ago.  

Ramos revealed that when he was seized at gunpoint outside his front door, his captors "drove for five or six hours, and once changed from one SUV to another. He said they bound his hands at first, but later allowed him not to be tied up. The kidnappers didn't cover their faces and they spoke little to him. They demanded only money."

After being kept in a room for two days, the Nationals catcher heard gunfire erupt for 15 minutes. When the sound of shots being fired ceased, his rescuers arrived. Ramos, who couldn't hold back his joy, "hugged the justice minister as well as police and National Guard officers."

After all that Ramos has been through, he still plans to start training on Monday in an effort to play with his Venezuelan team, the Aragua Tigres, on Wednesday. When asked whether he plans on going back to Washington anytime soon, he said, "I want to stay here to give them that, to the Venezuelan people ... so that they can see me play here."

[via SI]

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