At this point, we've lost track of Stephon Marbury. Where the hell is that guy these days? Still balling somewhere that it takes three days to fly to? Anyway, we may have lost track of him, but thanks to the power of Twitter, he's still managing to stir up his own special brand of controversy.

Recently, a hoops fan commented on Michael Jordan's hard-line stance when it comes to the NBA lockout. MJ has been criticized by some people for selling out the NBA's current players for his own benefit (Sidebar: Um, he's an owner—can you blame him?!). But the fan wanted to get Marbury's opinion on it.

"Hearing Mike Jordan is going real gangsta on the players," Twitter user @TrevisScott tweeted to him. 

And, in true Stephon Marbury, he had a completely ridiculous response to the guy that we think may have been his attempt at ethering the GOAT.

"mike has never been with the real," Marbury tweeted. "Mike lives up there in the air up there. He can't come down. Micky mouse style not bugs."

Sooooooo, yeah. What we think he's trying to say there is that...Well, we have no fuckin' clue what he's trying to say. But it sounded like slander, right? Uh, yeah, sure. We think.

[via Deadspin]

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