These celebrities reeeally gotta think things through before they send out their personal information to random women. Recently, Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was catching some feelings for EliteTV personality Letesha Collins. Szczesny thought that the best way to reach her would be through Twitter. So he sent her a tweet with the following message: "Hello babe a will-be glamour model. Text me on 07794220972 if you wanna talk. Don’t give this number to anyone pls x." Maybe he shouldn't have included that last part because after Collins found out that the Gunners goalie was trying to get with her behind his girlfriend's back, she sent out this tweet: "#FF @13Szczesny13 or just give him a call, clearly isn’t too fussed about giving his number out. Have a good FRIDAYYYY." Damn, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn (by way of Twitter)! 

[via Off The Bench]

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