Another day, another set of excerpts from Shaq's new book, Shaq Uncut: My Story. Outside of ripping Kobe Bryant a new one in his memoir, the Big Cactus also takes LeBron James to task for the special treatment that he got from Cavaliers former head coach Mike Brown as well as others in the Cleveland organization during Shaq's time there. Specifically, he uses his book to point out that King James was literally treated like a king by the Cavs, who didn't want to ruffle his feathers and see him skip town when he became a free agent in 2010 (so much for that!). It's not surprising, but it is kinda cool that Delonte West of all people stood up and demanded that his stepson Bron-Bron be held accountable for his actions on the court.

"I remember one day in a film session," Shaq writes, "LeBron didn't get back on defense after a missed shot. Mike Brown didn't say anything about it. He went to the next clip and it was Mo Williams not getting back and Mike was saying, 'Yo, Mo, we can't have that. You've got to hustle a little more.' So Delonte West is sitting there and he's seen enough and he stands up and says, 'Hold up, now. You can't be pussyfooting around like that. Everyone has to be accountable for what they do, not just some of us. Mike Brown said, 'I know, Delonte. I know.' Mike knew Delonte was right..."

Pussyfooting, Delonte? Ha! Just another reason why you're awesome. Shaq then goes on to point out that Brown's new team, the Lakers, features another guy who probably won't listen to him. Care to guess who that guy might be? Mmm hmm...We see what you did there, Shaq. [via Hoops World]