Anyone else get the urge to throw dust, dirt, and mud all over his car after taking a look at this picture? Yeah, Jillian Mae (@JillianMae) is that hot—especially when she's kicking it in front of an import with a bucket full of bubbles. She's done the import circuit, appearing at several Hot Import Nights events in her hometown of Los Angeles. Additionally, she go-go dances locally and works as a bartender. But the Filipino/Hawaiian beauty has used her good looks to get gigs in all different arenas. So she's also shown up in fashion shows, at nightclubs all over the L.A. area, and inside a handful of car magazines. We only expect to see her show up in more places soon.

But don't worry, girl. If times get tough and you need to make a few extra bucks, call us. We're sure we could find something that needs to be cleaned.