According to a report in today's New York Times, a key break in the Penn State sex abuse scandal occurred when investigators were led to assistant coach Mike McQueary by a mention on an Internet message board about a coach who had seen a sexual incident involving former coach and accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky (above). The investigators then interviewed McQueary, who described to them seeing Sandusky rape a young boy in a campus shower, a charge that is the graphic center of the Penn State scandal.

Today's Times report goes on to state that key documents from Sandusky's Second Mile charity have gone missing, and that an almost 100-page report was compiled by campus police on a 1998 molestation case against Sandusky, but no charges were filed. A separate article from the Times reports that one of the eight boys mentioned in the original grand jury report is willing to testify that he was "severely sexually assaulted" by Sandusky. It continues to get worse.

[via New York Times]

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